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Four minutes from immortality

Gutted .. is the only word that would describe how every single Scotland fan left Hampden on Saturday.

Don't see the point in directing the match as it was poor throughout and Scotland looked like they had completed the ultimate smash and grab against their oldest and most bitter of rivals. But it wasn't to be a man who must be worth at least £80million in todays market showed why he's being looked at by Europes biggest and best and his quality meant that England snatched a point at the end.

Anyway on wards and upwards we can win the last 4 games, i know we need to rely on other helping us out but it wouldn't be Scotland if we didn't do it the hard way.
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Kings of the Playoffs

Hamilton Accies the team with the smallest budget in the Scottish Premiership won the second leg of the Premiership Playoff to secure their top fight status for another year. They reaffirmed their status as the Kings of the Playoffs as they are the only team to come up from the Championship in this structure everyone else has failed. So with todays victory then maybe Martin Canning and his boys could teach a few of the bigger clubs a lesson on how to hold your nerve and compete when the pressures on.

From the start it was a battle it was never going to be a nice tippy happy game of football which to be fair it looked like United wanted. They are used to all season going for teams being the bigger team in the game and looking for the 3 points. Down in the Championship they are thee along with Hibs the major scalp and therefore they are expected to take the game to their opponents.

This played perfectly into the game plan for the Accies, the reason for this is that what United set out t…

O'Neill v Rodgers

Yesterday Brendan Rodgers stood gained his place amongst the greatest Celtic managers of all time. For years Joch Stein stood alone as being the only man to install real greatness at Celtic everyone else before him and after failed to reach the heights that he did. Many along the way won titles, stopped records, won cup finals but it wasn't until the turn of the millennium that Celtic got another chance to be the top dog at the table and O'Neil done it in some style. 

So prior to yesterday even with everything he had already achieved Rodgers needed the win to put himself on the same perch as Stein and O'Neil. 
Winning two trebles, 9 in a row and a European Cup means that Stein is untouchable unless Celtic done a Leicester and pulled off the unthinkable then he's out there on his own. But between O'Neil and Rodgers who is number 2 thats the real question. 
O'Neil stopped the Rangers domination he demolished Rangers wining everything in his path, 6-2 on his Old F…

Zero to Hero

What a year you've had if you're a Celtic fan, its been 12 months of just sheer joy and yesterday it was all topped off with a sign of true Champions as they snatched victory right at the death to become Treble winners, History makers, the invincible invincible's. 
It will be hard for the Celtic faithful to pin point their favourite moment of the season due to the simple fact there has been so many, winning 5-1 TWICE against Rangers, battering Aberdeen in the League Cup Final, romping to the title with 8 games to spare. The Man City game at Celtic Park, Motherwell away last minute winner, St Johnstone when it looked like they were heading to their first defeat since the saints beat them the season before. But surely it got to be yesterday?
I tell you what as much as every single Celtic fan was on cloud nine yesterday, one man will have been loving it more than anyone else. Not Rodgers, nor Brown or Tierney but Tom Rogic. 
The season before he was the villain that skied his…

Billy The Kid

Billy Gilmour packed his bags and headed for the Fulham Road today, many Rangers fan had hoped that the wonder kid would have seen his immediate future at Ibrox but they have been left disappointed.

The 15 year old who has yet to play a first team match has been sold for £500,000. Rangers have secured further securities in the deal as well with more funds due if he meets certain objectives.

Pedro Caixinha had stated pretty much as soon as he came in the door that he wanted to retain the youngsters services for his first team squad next year but you have to take your hat off to the youngster for having the balls to head down south at that age and try and make it for himself. He already has many doubters after choosing Chelsea. Personally I can't understand why anyone would get any joy from running a young man down who's simply trying to achieve his dream and make the best of his situation.

Yes there are many high profile examples of hot prospects from north of the border headin…

Typical Scotland

At the risk of sounding like a school kid gleaming with excitement over the thought of picking up a simple 3 points but how good were Scotland last night!
The build up to the game meant that the Tartan Army hadn’t really bothered to turn up in their usual numbers as the campaign was as good as gone, we as a nation had just plummeted to new depths, in the last 2 years we had beat two nations. Malta and Gibraltar. This has meant that the fear factor of coming to Hampden had gone so we weren’t able to win against the likes of Lithuania and we seemed to be tactically inept for playing away from home so who could blame the supports for not turning up. 
The ones who did though will be glad they did, the rest of us just sat at home wishing we would have went to Glasgow’s southside. 
If there ever was an advert of a Scotland game a perfect example to show someone who knows nothing about the pain of being a member of the Tartan Army then yesterday is the blueprint that would be put in front o…

The baws burst

Friendly or not that was utter bollocks.

There is no other way to describe it, the tempo was flat, the creativity was non existent, ridiculous mistakes where made once more in the centre back positions, our finishing is just a comedy sketch in itself so needless to say I'm not looking forward to Sunday night at Hampden.

Canada fair play to them don't pretend to be something they are not, they're rubbish a minnow of world football if you will, their STAR players are two players that weren't good enough to play for SCOTLAND in Arfield and Aird. Both players represented Scotland at youth levels but chose to play for Canada after the realisation that they weren't ever going to be picked to wear the navy blue of the tartan army.

Fast forward to tonight and Arfields sprinting passes around the Easter Road pitch ( which was another embarrassment) and Airds sticking shots in the top corner passed a helpless McGregor.

Tonight was just a farce from start to finish the cost t…